Tips To Help You Receive Quality Veterinarian Care For Your Dog

Article by MiShaun Taylor

There’s no doubt about it – obtaining quality veterinarian care for your dog can be quite expensive indeed. In fact, just about every dog owner struggles at one time or another, to cover those routine medical costs and may find themselves in a financial bind if they have to pay for unforeseen veterinarian emergencies. In fact, many dog owners often have to resort to utilizing their credit cards to cover veterinarian care which unfortunately puts their families in a financial bind. In this brief article, we’ll discuss proven techniques that you can use to ensure that you are able to afford quality veterinarian care for your dog.

First of all, you have to plan ahead for the rising costs. After all, veterinarians are not simply overcharging you for the fun of it. Nowadays, veterinarian care is a highly specialized field. Not only are veterinarians highly trained, the price of pet medications, laboratory tests and advanced surgical procedures has risen as well. This all leads to higher prices for quality veterinarian care. So, instead of getting mad, start preparing for the cost now. After all, your dog is important to you and as a loving pet owner; you want the quality of life for your pets and must be willing to pay escalating fees in order to secure this service.

Second, now that you realize that veterinarian costs will likely continue to rise, you must set aside a set amount every month to cover your dog’s rising veterinarian costs. You can even put this amount into a “Pet savings account.” For instance, if you know that your average dog’s vet bills tends to be 0.00 a year, you can put aside .00 a month to cover this costs in your pet savings account. Then, don’t use this money for anything but your pet’s care. Your best bet is a savings account and not a CD because if you put this money into a CD or other account, charged interest or other fees if you take out the funds before the CD matures.

Third, check out subsidized veterinarian clinics. Many shelters, pet stores and other places offer “lower cost” veterinarian service for routine costs like vaccinations and check ups. If you have a certain breed that requires specialized care, you might be able to get a referral from the breed’s National Club. The key is to not be afraid to shop around.

Fourth, if you decide to stick with your regular veterinarian, always ask for discounts. Although most veterinarians have a set amount that they must receive, they are sometimes willing to offer discounts to families in need. Therefore, always inquire about a discount off the price of your bill. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that discounts are sometimes granted.

Fifth, if discounts aren’t granted, you should inquire about an interest-free payment plan. Most veterinarians offer payment plans for routine and emergency veterinarian services because they realize that their clients might not be able to afford such services otherwise. Although veterinarians want to be paid adequately for their services, many of them also want to make a positive difference in the lives of their clients. Therefore, they are open to working with clients to make financial accommodations.

Sixth, you can always ask for financial help. Many veterinarians offer substantial discounts for families in need. Sometimes all you have to do is ask and your wish will be granted. Another grant that you may qualify for is the “Helping Pets Fund”. For additional information about this, contact

Seventh, you can always purchase pet health insurance. There are many quality companies that offer inexpensive pet insurance for a monthly fee. The way that these operations work is that you pay a monthly fee, a deductible and the insurance company covers the rest of the bill. This could turn out to be a huge savings if you have a dog that needs care on a frequent basis.

Eighth, you may be able to obtain the money from somewhere else. For instance, can you tap into a savings account or educational fund? Can you sell some items on eBay to receive some instant cash? Can you borrow money from a family member? There are many options that you can utilize in order to receive the necessary funds to cover your veterinarian costs. You just have to use creative thinking and you can devise a great plan.

In conclusion, veterinarian care can be expensive but you don’t have to find yourself in a financial bind simply because you want to provide your dog with adequate coverage. Just be willing to plan ahead, save some money, consider subsidized care, ask for discounts or interest free payment plans, ask for financial assistance, purchase pet insurance, and use creative financing strategies. By doing this, you can provide your dog with the quality of care he deserves without breaking the household bank.

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