Rising Pet Theft crime wave and VPI Pet Insurance Cover

Article by alan payne

How would you feel if you looked into your yard or garden one day or called your pet name one morning, to not then see your loveable, companion pet friend come leaping towards you.

Panic then hits home, you think to yourself, i hope they have not run away or got lost and in an instant you start to worry and panic until a little later after many calls of their name or making that familiar noise with their food bowl, they finally come bounding back which then makes you feel happy and relieved once again.

So how do you think you would feel one day if your favourite pet did not return to you?

Pet theft accounts today for about two million companion pets stolen each year from their owners homes or whilst in parks or off the street. Recent crime statistics released state that pet theft has overtaken mobile phone and i pod robberies to become the most rapidly growing crime in the UK. Some are taken under false pretense and sold through ads, abducted from their owners yards, or taken from pet care shelters called pound seizure. These animals are then sold to research laboratories or dog fighting rings where they are often abused and sometimes killed.

There are many organised criminal gangs at large scouting areas looking to abduct pets for ransom reasons. If the owner does not pay up then the pets are usually killed or let loose many hundreds of miles away from the area of abduction. Cats are especially vulnerable to abduction as they are small and make little noise when stolen.

If this happened to you, then you would want the very best help as quickly as possible. VPI Pet Insurance care cover is a must if you want the very best assistance in this situation. These VPI Pet Insurance policies cover legal assistance where a private investigation team could work on your behalf to retrieve your pet as quickly as possible for you.

They work closely with the local police and investigate thoroughly and are professionals at what they do. Usually these pet abduction gangs are run by well known criminals who can be familiar to the police, so this information is released over to the specialist team working on your behalf who can carry out surveillance of the pet abduction gangs,looking for your pet.

If a ransom note is received, the specialist VPI pet insurance team will take over the operation so you wont ever need to come face to face with any criminal minds. Some VPI pet insurance policies also cover the ransom amounts up to a specified and agreed figure with the customer.

In the unfortunate instance that your pet is never returned, the VPI pet insurance company will offer you anything from

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