Learn About Small Pet Care With An Animal Hospital In Johns Creek

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Talk to your animal hospital in Johns Creek about small pet care if you or your loved ones want to adopt small pets other than cats or dogs. Make sure that the animal hospital offers services for treating these small pets. This article provides some detailed pet care information on small pets, like, mouse, guinea pig and bird.

Mouse Care With An Animal Hospital In Johns Creek

Female mice like to stay in a group while male mice will stay together if they were introduced at an early age. Mice are charming and fragile and their care requires an adult supervision. If you plan to have more than one mouse, provide enough room and don’t keep male and female together unless you want them to breed. A commercial rodent diet from a pet supply store should work for your mouse. Make sure that the diet contains a good mix of proteins and fiber but not lots of fat. Provide fresh clean water in a drinking tube to the cage’s side. Keep the cage clean of any droppings and uneaten foods. If you find your mouse sneezing, coughing or experiencing difficulties in breathing call your animal hospital in Johns Creek immediately. Talk to your veterinarian about keeping your mouse lice free.

Guinea Pig Care With An Animal Hospital In Johns Creek

Guinea Pigs are delightful pets as they are docile and squeak if they see you enter the room. There three breeds to choose from smooth coated with glossy fur, coat with fluffy hair tufts and long silky haired coat. They are social and prefer to live in pairs; female pairs work the best as they bond naturally. The cage should at least have four sq feet space and have a solid plastic bottom instead of a wired bottom. Keep the cage clean of any droppings, uneaten food and soiled bedding. The commercial pellet diet from a pet store is a good diet. Guinea pigs should be fed twice in a day. Brush their coats regularly to keep it clean and healthy. If you notice lethargy, sneezing or coughing, make an appointment with your animal clinic. Talk to your animal hospital in Johns Creek about mites and lice infestation.

Bird Care With An Animal Hospital In Johns Creek

There are many different bird species to choose from if you are a first time bird owner. Zebra finches are small with beautiful colors. They are hardy with a lifespan of 7-10 years. Canaries sing beautifully but both of these birds do not care for human handling. Budgies and Cocktails are good pets if you are looking for interaction. Bird’s cage should be spacious and well-made. Pellets that are formulated for your bird species is the recommended diet. Keep the cage clean. Schedule an annual visit with your animal hospital in Johns Creek to make sure that your pet stays healthy.

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