Keeping A Pet Rabbit. Rabbits are extremely cute cuddly and also shy. You may think that rabbits are not kept as pets, but they are. A pet rabbit is one makes for one adorable pet. Keeping one is a responsibility and you should know what to expect before getting a rabbit. You will also need rabbit cages. Rabbit cages are ideal to keep a pet in just make sure you buy one of the right size. Unlike other pets rabbits are totally harmless but the only thing you need to watch out for are their claws, other than that rabbits are quiet harmless.

When raising rabbits you have to take good care of them. Always hold on to the bottom of their feet or tuck them in when picking them up so that they do not scratch you. When they are young flip them over on their backs so that they are accustomed to it as they grow older, this will help you in cutting their nails in the future.

Keeping A Pet RabbitCheck with your vet what kind of food they eat. Your pet rabbit will need to be fed everyday and their diet remains constant all the time. The food they eat has to be low protein and solid pellet foods work best. Rabbits do not change in their food so make sure that you feed them the same thing. Also make sure that you lay out a bowl of water every day. You can give your rabbit the occasional treat but not too much because you should not overfeed them. A treat every one or two days is sufficient otherwise your rabbit will become obese.

Make sure that rabbit cage is big enough for your rabbit to move around and play, the bigger the cage the better. Make sure you de-flea your rabbit every month and for mites and fleas you can always give them cat medicine which is easily available. Rabbets are susceptible to colds and flues so keep an eye on them and if anything happens consult your vet. Let your rabbit play around in your yard, they might dig up some dirt because their paws are made for digging. What you can do is, keep their claws short so they will not be able to dig much.

Rabbits love to play so make sure you give your rabbit some toys to play with. Cat toys are best suited for rabbits and what they enjoy most are bells and chew toys. Make sure your rabbit is comfortable with your choice when you are selecting rabbit cages.

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Keeping A Pet Rabbit

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