Is Pet Insurance a Good Idea?

Article by Rob Parker

You are probably aware that there is insurance available for almost everything, and the family pet is no exception. People might think that pet insurance is a needless frivolity only to be indulged in by the overly rich or the overly lonely, those people who can afford to indulge their pets as though they were children. In this article, we will take a look at why pet insurance should appeal to even the most practical pet owner.

Pets are worth money

It is more than likely that in order to obtain your pet, you paid a certain amount of money to another party. Right away, you have made an investment. Although it may not be an investment that you are likely to turn into profit, the fact is that you want to make sure that you protect the value of your purchase. Some pets, of course, are worth more than others; horses, purebred dogs and cats, for example, represent a significant investment on the part of the owner. It’s an investment worth protecting through insurance.

Pet ownership invariably means vet bills

A lot of pet owners think that they can just let an injury or sickness in a pet run its course, but the fact is that we all get attached to our pets and are not likely to let them suffer when ill health occurs. Veterinary bills can run up very quickly, so it is in the best interest of the pet owner to make sure that they are covered both for check ups and treatments or operations that may be needed.

Pet insurance is inexpensive

As with most forms of insurance, pet coverage has this in its favour: compared to the cost of footing the veterinary bill or swallowing the loss of a particularly valuable pet, the cost of insurance is very cheap. Almost all pet owners can count on one trip to the vet over the course of their pet’s life, so it only makes sense to have the costs covered through a good pet insurance provider.

You probably don’t think of yourself as a pampering pet owner, but pet insurance just makes sense for anyone who has an animal friend. You will want to make sure your pet is properly cared for, and insurance means you will have something to set off the cost of veterinary bills.

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