Don’t Forget Pet Health Care in the Halloween Excitement! We all get a little bit carried away and overexcited at Halloween. And who could blame us?! For animal lovers, Halloween can be extra fun if we play at dressing up our pets as something scary. But actually, Halloween can have implications for pet health care, so follow this advice to keep your animals safe at this spooky time of year.

Pets at HalloweenFirst of all, very few animals like getting dressed up. For some, being forced into clothes is a stressful experience. It could make them anxious, uncomfortable and if they feel threatened they may even bite. If you are dressing up your animal, don’t be disappointed if they don’t want to co-operate and certainly don’t force them into any clothes they aren’t keen on. If they do agree to wear an outfit, take your pet health care responsibility seriously and make sure they can still move, breathe, eat, drink and bark or meow in the outfit. Also check it for dangly bits and small parts which could get the animal tied up to something or which could be a choking hazard.

Whilst you might be using Halloween as an excuse to overindulge yourself with the chocolatey treats, you pet should not be! Human chocolate can actually kill a dog and other additives in sweets can cause serious pet health care problems, so if you want to treat the pets, get down to the pet shop and buy animal treats.

At Halloween we often like to adorn our homes with decorations. Make sure there’s nothing an animal can get caught in or swallow. Also think about any lighting you’re using. If you have electrical items especially for the occasion, be aware that trailing wires could be an invitation to chew and burns and electric shocks are the likely pet health care outcome. The same vigilance should be applied to candles. Stray tails and overexcited curious cats are prone to knocking candles over, causing a hazard to themselves and other people.

Article by JessM. For all the free pet health care advice you need, visit Pet Health Info.

Don’t Forget Pet Health Care in the Halloween Excitement!

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