China Pet Food Industry Expanding

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Great Potential Market of Pet Food

Today, a majority of Chinese households or even office ladies have at least one pet cat or dog. As the China Pet Food Industry Outlook, in 2007, there were 1.5 million pet dogs and 1.2 million pet cats as registered in advanced cities, which made a big increase compared of that in 2005 and 2006. Today, these pets are more than just animals sharing our homes and foods; they are members of the family. As the number of pet dogs and cats in Chinese has rocket-soared, a wide variety of pet food business is mushroomed at

One-way Stop for Your Purchase

The Birth of the commercial dog food business must be attributed to the invention of the first “dog cake,” a carefully compounded preparation of blended wheat meals, vegetables, beetroot and meat. Since then, pet food supplies have expanded to ranges of canned, dry and semi-moist foods to meet a wide variety of nutritional needs. Nowadays pet food business platform focuses on building a leader of global information source for professionals responsible for developing, processing, marketing and packaging pet food supplies and for customers who want a one-way stop to the pet food consumption.Wenzhou Peidi Pet Products Co., Ltd. today offers a tremendous choice of products to choose from but all pet food have one thing in common: decades of effort and research from the suppliers have gone into each and every commercially produced pet food product in the China to ensure it provides the proper nutrition for your pet dog or cat.

Push Forward to Your Pet Food Business

Since 1992, has served as the voice of the China pet food industry, a platform for suppliers who is committed to providing consumers and their pets with products that meet the complex nutritional requirements of our companion animals. A large amount of detailed information available from the website that specifically addresses pet food as well as other animal feed will definitely make you experienced in the section and grasp such kind of business opportunity in China market. On drawing of lessons of the outstanding mature transaction procedure abroad and taking advantage of the abundant information resource at, your pet food business will in no doubt make a great success.


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